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OLCV elects pro-environment candidates.

Who we elect matters. OLCV helps elect strong leaders who will protect our way of life for future generations. We invest staff time, money and volunteers in targeted races, and mobilize one of the largest Get out the Vote efforts in the state. OLCV’s county chapter program makes this giant grassroots push possible. Through phone calls, door knocks and our voter guides--the largest environmental voter guide in the state--OLCV communicated with more than 260,000 Oregon voters about the environmental stakes in the 2010 election.

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters made sure voters knew that preserving our natural legacy is a value I share with all Oregonians, and they played a key role in the tremendous grassroots effort that got me elected. I look forward to working with OLCV as we create family-wage jobs, strengthen our local economies and protect Oregon's air, water, land and wildlife.”                                --Governor John Kitzhaber

OLCV passes pro-environment laws.

OLCV makes sure our elected officials protect the environment both at the local level and in the state house. OLCV coordinates and staffs the Oregon Conservation Network, the largest environmental coalition in the state, and mobilizes Oregon’s environmental community to fight on the front lines in the Oregon Legislature. Together, we protect existing environmental safeguards and support innovative solutions, too.

OLCV has helped pass groundbreaking environmental laws in the Oregon Legislature to better manage, fund and protect our natural resources and our health. These include a 10-year moratorium on drilling for oil off Oregon's iconic coast, and expanding Oregon's landmark bottle bill. Read about the Oregon Conservation Network’s 2011 Priorities for a Healthy Oregon.

OLCV holds our elected officials accountable.

OLCV has published OLCV’s Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature after every regular session since 1973. OLCV also publishes local scorecards that show voters whether their city and county commissioners are protecting the unique quality of life of Oregon communities.

OLCV empowers citizens like you to take action.

OLCV connects you with your elected lawmakers so they know that protecting the environment and fighting climate change are priorities. And we make sure you know which elected officials are beholden to corporate interests that put their own profits before our children and grandchildren.

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