Karen Booth

Chair of OLCV Lane County Chapter Steering Committee

  "I was encouraged to participate in politics by my parents. At the age of seven I sent President Nixon a letter, from that letter I learned that we can all make an effort to demand change. I love hiking, walking on the beach, buying local organic foods, breathing fresh air and seeing all the life that thrives in and around clean water. I believe that a healthy planet will benefit all of us, and that our government can help or hinder the changes I want to see. I enjoy working with OLCV because of this unique approach; working to have pro-environment candidates elected, which makes it easier to have the issues I believe in passed as legislation. I love Lane County with it's diverse ecosystems and multiple water sheds. There is always a new place to discover. I appreciate that being part of the Lane County OLCV steering committee helps me to be a part of protecting it.

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