Al Gore: "Win the Conversation" against anti-environmental climate change deniers

If you're looking for a quick read and a quick view on a Tuesday, may I suggest this video featuring former Vice President Al Gore? 

Gore's gained a worldwide following - and the Nobel Peace Prize - for his work on global climate change. And today he's featured in an insightful video where he offers his advice on how to approach climate change deniers and anti-environmental skeptics. 

His advice? Win the conversation. Via Huffington Post Green

Powerful polluters ... see it as a useful strategy to try to convince the public that the scientists are liars and that they're greedy and they're making stuff up. All in the service of their overarching strategy of creating enough doubt to persuade people that there shouldn't be any sense of urgency about addressing this crisis.

Gore's got a very fair underlying point: we cannot be afraid to step up and call out outright lies when they're packaged as nuanced arguments meant to undermine known facts about damage being done to our environment. This is true both in Oregon and across the world.

Watch the full video of Vice President Gore below: Update: Following up on this video, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) was recently on Fox News discussing climate change. His insistence on facts and actual science is refreshing. And he even talks about the Vice President's interview. Check it out over at TPM LiveWire, or watch below:

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