Barbecue competition brings community together

Finally, we're getting down to what's really important in politics: Who makes the best sauce?

The buzz is brewing about our upcoming barbecue comptition: the Marion County OLCV Politician Cook-off and Sustainability Fair at Pringle Creek Community in Salem this Sunday. (Click here to purchase your tickets online and save $5.) Ten elected officials have signed up to compete for the award for Best Politcal Chef of the Year.

A great story about the upcoming event on WillametteLive quoted OLCV organizer Tresa Horney about the barbecue buzz and how it's bringing the community together: "Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, protecting Oregon's unique and beautiful environment is part of our shared legacy. It's practically in our DNA."

One eager participant, Rep. Kevin Cameron (R-Salem), has been talking up the event in recent days. He's "looking forward to cooking up some delicious home-made recipes for the judges in hopes of being named Best Political Chef of the Year!" Right on, Rep. Cameron!

Cameron is one of ten determined competitors who will be mixing up their secret sauce for chicken or pulled pork. Who's in? Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, Representatives Brian Clem and Betty Komp, Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess, Salem City Councilors Brad Nanke, Laura Tesler, and Salem City Council candidate-elect Sheryl Dash, plus Claudia Kyle, candidate for State Representative in House District 19, and Jason Freilinger, candidate for Marion County Commission.

Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this very important political event. Once we all know who makes the best sauce, everything else in politics should fall nicely into place, right?

Find out more about this event and get your tickets online now and save $5!

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