Bill is Back! Commissioner Fleenor announces run for second term

After announcing that he was not running for re-election to the Lane County Commission, Bill Fleenor faced a tidal wave of support and requests from his West Lane County constituents to reconsider his decision. 

OLCV worked hard to get Fleenor elected to the West Lane County seat in 2006 and we know that the board has moved forward on a range of environmental priorities because of Bill Fleenor’s strong support. We would definitely be facing a challenge without Bill on the commission and without Bill in the race this spring. 

That is why I am thrilled to say that because of the outpouring of support, requests from constituents, and a strong coalition already formed to help get him re-elected, Commissioner Fleenor has announced that he will seek a second term on the County Commission. (See updated link below.)

Many important environmental issues would have big question marks next to them without this news. However there is still work to do. This will not be an easy walk for Bill and he can’t do alone. It is important that we are all prepared to do everything we can to make sure Oregon's environment is a priority by getting ready to fight for Bill Fleenor.
Stay tuned for updates on the race. 


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