Charlotte Lehan: Fighting the Tea Party

This election, OLCV has been focused on electing pro-conservation champions to the Oregon House of Representatives. But there is a local race that is so critical, where so much is stake for our land, air, and water, that we have made it as high a priority as our key legislative races.

That race is Charlotte Lehan's battle for re-election as Chair of the Clackamas County Commission.

A former Mayor of Wilsonville, Charlotte Lehan has served on the Clackamas County Commission since 2008. In her time as a Commissioner and later as Chair, Charlotte has been a leader on conservation issues, and supports investing in infrastructure to grow our economy while offering transportation choices, protecting rural Clackamas County’s farms and open spaces, and creating healthy neighborhoods.

Her heavily-Tea Party-backed opponent John Ludlow has a different vision for the region, which includes pulling the county out of regional partnerships and giving the green light to development that would harm forests and farmland. His campaign has been largely financed by developers and by the Oregon Transformation Project, an ultra-conservative PAC that is propped up by timber dollars.

This is a precedent-setting race. If the anti-light rail, anti-land use Tea Party takes hold in Clackamas County, where might they go next?

OLCV knows how to get the job done. We have the tools to contact hundreds of targeted voters around the state on behalf of strong pro-conservation candidates like Charlotte, and are ready to prove again that conservation is a motivating issue for Oregon voters. In our primary victory over Rep Mike Schaufler, voters who OLCV targeted and contacted turned out at a rate nearly 2 1/2 times the average turnout rate in that district (83%:32%). But our ability to impact these races depends on the support we receive.

Help us get Charlotte and other pro-conservation candidates elected this year by signing up to volunteer or making a donation.

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