Eugene Bans the Bag!

Monday night, Eugene became the third city in Oregon to ban the single use plastic bag. This is great news for Oregon and for our ocean!  This was absolutely a team effort; a huge thanks to the Surfrider Foundation and Environment Oregon for their work on this campaign.

We could not have done this without the support of people like you. Over 2,000 people in Eugene signed postcards that OLCV helped deliver to the city council. And environmental champions Councilor Alan Zelenka and Mayor Kitty Piercy led the debate and made sure our voices were heard. Together, we made Eugene a leader on this issue. (And in the same meeting, the Eugene city council also voted for a resolution to oppose the transport of coal through Eugene. Two huge environmental wins in one night!)

It's a heck of a lot easier to pass laws that protect our natural legacy when our elected officials share our values. That is why OLCV works to elect pro-conservation conservation champions in statewide, legislative, and local races around the state. And the more voters we can talk to, the more races we can win.

You can help OLCV elect pro-conservation leaders by taking just three hours between now and Election Day to talk to voters about why this election matters to you. It's that simple! Just take the pledge now to volunteer with OLCV one time before November 6th.

If you want to pass strong laws at the state and local level - like the bag ban and the resolution to stop coal trains - then help OLCV get the right people into office. Take the pledge to volunteer today, and thank you!

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