Exciting news: Portland wants to ban the bag!

I have exciting news to share with you: Mayor Sam Adams and the Portland City Council have decided to move forward on banning single-use plastic checkout bags in Portland!
These bags are a significant environmental threat and a danger to the public welfare: they litter our roads, clog our rivers and streams, and the plastic in the bag will never, ever biodegrade. Once they get into our environment and ecosystems they don’t go away.
State Senator Mark Hass put it exactly right in today’s Oregonian: "I'm for anything that gets those bags off our roads, out of our rivers and off our beaches."
Due to staunch opposition from big, out-of-state plastics companies, we could not pass a statewide ban onsingle-use plastic checkout bags in the 2011 Legislative Session. But now that opportunity exists in Portland.
Can you attend an upcoming Portland City Council meeting where they will be debating whether to bansingle-use plastic checkout bags? We need a strong showing of support to let the Mayor and City Council know how important the bag ban is for our environment. 
Thank you for all of your support as we move forward. This is a critical environmental issue, not just for Portland but also for the state and the entire country.
For more information on this issue, check out a video Mayor Sam Adams shot on the importance of banningsingle-use plastic checkout bags. And, if you need a reusable grocery bag, please contact OLCV: we have plenty here in our office that we can give away!
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