Joe Gallegos: A Strong Voice for Equity and the Environment

 “I am committed to fighting for and protecting Oregon's natural legacy. We must work hard to protect such precious things to ensure the health of our kids and the future of our state.”

-Joe Gallegos, candidate in House District 30 (Hillsboro/North Plains)

I couldn't have been more excited when Joe Gallegos entered the race for House District 30 (Hillsboro/North Plains) - for two reasons.

First, I was lucky enough to have Joe Gallegos as a professor at the University of Portland, and I can't say enough good things about him. He is thoughtful and engaging and deeply committed to social and environmental justice. He's the kind of guy who leads by example.

Second, his opponent, Shawn Lindsay, is no friend of conservation. He not only opposed the bill to ban the toxic chemical BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups but boasted that he had "killed it." He also voted against protecting our rivers and streams from agricultural runoff, and to fast-track LNG pipelines.

In this race, we have the opportunity to replace a bad actor with a real leader. 

Oregon's state House is evenly split on party lines - 30/30. But Representatives who will take a stand to protect our natural legacy and our families' health are currently in the minority. That's why OLCV's focus this election is to elect a pro-conservation majority to the Oregon House.

At OLCV, we're prepared to contact hundreds of targeted voters around the state on behalf of strong pro-conservation candidates like Joe, and prove again that protecting our environment is a motivating issue for Oregon voters. In our primary victory over Rep Mike Schaufler, voters who OLCV targeted and contacted turned out at a rate nearly 2 1/2 times the average turnout rate in that district (83%:34%). This can make a huge difference in a close race! But our ability to impact these races depends on the support we receive.

Help us get Joe and other pro-conservation candidates elected this year by signing up to volunteer or making a donation.

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