Join the momentum--It's now or never

Momentum is building for a Kitzhaber win as ballots arrive in mailboxes this week.

On Monday, Rasmussen Reports, a notoriously Republican-leaning pollster, showed John Kitzhaber with a two-point lead over Dudley. Last month the same polling showed Dudley leading by five--that’s a seven-point swing in one month. The race is still considered a toss-up by experts across the political spectrum, but these numbers show that the tide is starting to turn: now we need to ride it.

That’s why I’m asking you today to help the Oregon League of Conservation Voters PAC continue to help us keep up the Kitzhaber momentum. Now is the time to pour it on! We’ve set a goal to raise $5,000 online by October 29 to make sure we can talk to as many voters as possible before Election Day. Please take a moment right now to donate $45, $100, $150 or whatever you can afford to help us reach our goal.

Why give now?

The reason is simple and the task is clear. Chris Dudley is so out of touch with Oregon values he would be the most anti-environment governor this state has seen in decades. His largest campaign contributor, Stimson Lumber, was just fined for violating clean air and water standards. In addition to expressing enthusiasm for increasing logging on public forest lands, Dudley is also open to drilling for oil off our beautiful coast and says he “doesn’t know” what causes climate change. We just cannot let Dudley become our governor.

OLCV volunteers have already talked to thousands of voters but we can’t stop now. The next three weeks are critical. OLCV is dedicating significant resources to make sure Oregon elects environmental champion John Kitzhaber, and we're talking to voters about local and state races that will make or break our ability to protect our air, water and land.

Frankly, this kind of work costs a lot of money—tens of thousands of dollars. Every donation we get right now, no matter how small, helps us talk to more voters and build more momentum. The more resources we have, the more voters we can reach. It’s just that simple. And in a race as close as the governor’s race, every vote really does count. Please make a donation right now of $45, $100, $150 or whatever you can afford to help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 by October 29. Here’s the impact you can make:

  • $45 helps us personally talk to 70 voters using Activate, a computerized dialing system that maximizes the number of voters each caller can reach.
  • $150 pays for a door-to-door canvasser to talk to 250 voters face-to-face – the most effective way to get information to voters.
  • $500 will send Voter Guides highlighting Kitzhaber and other key environmental votes to 1,200 Oregon voters – which could turn the tide in a close race.

Join the momentum and be a part of the incredible statewide push that elects John Kitzhaber and a host of other environmental champions at all levels of government.

Thank you so much for helping OLCV make a difference in this critical election.

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