Let's give thanks

This fall, thanks to the leadership of Mayor Sam Adams and his colleagues at City Hall, Portland banned single use plastic bags. While to me this seemed like a no brainer, it's important to note this was no easy task.

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters and their partners in the Oregon Conservation Network fought hard for a statewide ban of single use plastic bags at the state legislative level. Unfortunately, while the bill had bi-partisan support, out of state corporations including represetatives from the chemical and plastics industries defeated the proposed ban. 
Where the state failed the city prevailed. Knowing that a ban on single use plastic bags would save taxpayers a ton of money and for a variety of other reasons was in the public's best interest, the Portland City Commission chose to act responsibly and move forward with the ban.  

Now it's time for us to step up to the plate. Let's show Mayor Sam Adams and City Commissioners Amanda Fritz, Dan Saltzman, Nick Fish, and Randy Leonard how much we appreciate their leadership. 

Take a quick minute and send a note of appreciation. Sometimes it's the thank yous that makes the next decision a little easier. 

Sam Adams, Mayor
E-mail: Samadams@portlandoregon.gov


Amanda Fritz
E-mail: amanda@portlandoregon.gov  


Nick Fish
E-mail: Nick@portlandoregon.gov


Randy Leonard
E-mail: randy@portlandoregon.gov


Dan Saltzman
E-mail: dan@portlandoregon.gov   



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