Measures 66 and 67: What's at stake in real numbers

Tualatin Riverkeepers had a great post on their Facebook page this morning that I wanted to make sure folks saw. It's a Natural Oregon post that breaks down suggested cuts to a variety of environmental programs should Measures 66 and 67 not pass. The numbers include millions of dollars in cuts to programs that protect our air, water, parks, farms, forests, fish and wildlife. And lost jobs. The Forestry Department alone could lose up to 47 full-time positions.

Last month, the Oregonian reported that the state's fiscal crisis may mean significant cuts to the thirty-year-old landmark Forest Practices Act, which helps the state protect water and wildlife habitat on private forest lands. Those cuts would "force Oregon to abandon enforcement of the law," a possibility "especially if two tax measures on the ballot fail."

The YES campaign is making hundreds of thousands calls to make sure Oregon voters turn in their ballots. You can help by voting YES and voting EARLY--the day you get your ballot--to save precious campaign resources. Once you vote, your name comes off the call list, and we can focus on the folks who still need reminders or additional information.

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