Nathan Hovekamp: The Right Advocate for Central Oregon

I'm excited to introduce you to a great candidate running for the Oregon House in Bend's House District 54: Nathan Hovekamp.

We have a terrific opportunity right now to elect a new pro-conservation leader to the state House and oust a very bad actor at the same time. All you need to do is look at Jason Conger's votes and who financially supports him to see what I'm talking about.

A biology professor and former member of the City of Bend Planning Commission and the Bend-La Pine School Board, Nathan will stand up to protect our natural legacy and our kids' health.

Jason Conger, his opponent, is a different story. Conger earned a lousy 53% on OLCV's Scorecard, voting against protecting our state from costly invasive species and for fast-tracking LNG pipelines and weakening water quality standards. Unsurprisingly, his list of campaign contributors is a dizzying parade of PACs, including gifts from the Koch Brothers, BP, Chevron, and the timber industry. I don't trust Jason Conger to protect Oregon's air, water, and land - and you shouldn't, either.

Luckily lots of people in Bend feel the same way, and OLCV's great Deschutes County volunteers are going door-to-door and getting on the phone with voters now to make sure they know that Nathan is the right choice.

Oregon's state House is evenly split on party lines - 30/30. But Representatives who will take a stand to protect our natural legacy and our families' health are currently in the minority. That's why OLCV's focus this election is to elect a pro-conservation majority to the Oregon House.

We know what it takes to win: talking to as many voters as we can. But our ability to do this depends on the support we receive. 

Help us get Nathan and other pro-conservation candidates elected this year by signing up to volunteer or making a donation.

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