Obama: Don't sit out this election; Vote for Kitz!

No one seemed to mind the wait, or the hours of standing on unforgiving cement.

Outside the Oregon Convention Center, the mood was almost giddy as excited voters waited in the long lines--in the sun--to see President Obama.

And he delivered. After warm-ups that included Rep. Jefferson Smith leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley revving up voters with fellow Congressional delegates, and an ongoing soundtrack that varied from P-Funk to Vampire Weekend, Obama took the stage.

Although he was obviously fighting a cold and took the frequent pauses for applause to cough to the side of the microphone, Obama was still as energetic and eloquent as ever speaking for about a half hour about what is at stake in this election. (Watch Obama's speech here, and link to photos on OLCV's Facebook page at the end of this post.)

Obama's message was clear: We can't sit this one out. And it's about more than just turning in your ballot:

I need you to knock on some doors, and talk to your neighbors, and vote in this election. Because if you’re willing to step up to the plate, we won’t just win this election; we will restore our economy, we will rebuild the middle class, and we will reclaim the American Dream for this generation.

Obama's special stop in Portland to mobilize voters to support John Kitzhaber any way you can is the latest boost in the incredible momentum we're feeling as Election Day approaches. Kitzhaber has earned 12 out of 14 newspaper endorsements across the state, and more and more voters are getting the message that Chris Dudley is out of touch with Oregon values, and just simply is not prepared for the job.

Just today on Think Out Loud, Dudley once again voiced his opposition to Measure 76, which continues Oregon's only dedicated source of funding for the state's water, parks and wildlife. And he's already on the record saying he's open to offshore drilling and that he doesn't know what causes global warming. As Obama said last night: "This should not be a difficult choice."

Help us build on this momentum. We still have a lot of work to do and we can't win without your help. Please take OLCV's Pledge to Volunteer just three hours of your time and we'll contact you about ways you can help pro-environment candidates all the way down the ballot win in November, helping to protect Oregon's natural legacy for years to come.

Can't volunteer? Consider donating to OLCV PAC so we can talk to as many voters as possible about what is at stake and make sure they turn in their ballots. Read more about what your donation to OLCV PAC will help us do.

Check out our pictures from the Obama-Kitzhaber rally on OLCV's Facebook page.


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