Offshore drilling advocate Haley Barbour stumps for Dudley

With the momentum of the John Kitzhaber campaign gaining every day, and with just four days left until ballots are due, Chris Dudley spent the morning snuggling up to out-of-state supporters New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. Both attended a breakfast for Dudley at Parkrose High School in Portland this morning.

Chris Dudley and Haley Barbour share at least one thing in common: They are both open to offshore drilling, even after the BP disaster. Barbour has long been a vocal advocate for offhsore drilling. In June, as the Gulf economy ground to a halt and oil-covered pelicans died slow deaths, Barbour blasted the temporary moratorium on exploratory deepwater drilling. In fact, Barbour said on Meet the Press that the moratorium was worse than the spill.

Like Barbour, Dudley is also open to offshore drilling (click here to see video), including right here in Oregon. John Kitzhaber supports a ban on offshore drilling in Oregon.

The choice is clear. But the race is tight and no one can sit it out. If people vote, Kitzhaber wins. So even if you have just an hour or two this weekend, head on down to your local Kitzhaber campaign office. Every voter you contact gets us closer to the win. Tell them OLCV sent you!

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