OLCV: No on Measure 63, Unsafe Homes, Overriding Local Environmental Laws

Convicted racketeer Bill Sizemore is at it again. The man who brought us Measure 7 in 2000 (a predecessor to  Measure 37) is trying to find another way to try to override Oregon's state and local environmental laws.

Measure 63 allows certain construction projects to override state and local building and safety codes and most state and local environmental laws. Measure 63 would allow shoddy structures, unsupervised work on gas and water lines, and construction in areas currently protected by law, like our scenic rivers. It would endanger the lives of first responders such as firefights who enter buildings under dangerous circumstances.

It exempts projects valued at under $35,000 a calendar year. Given our property tax valuation system, this could mean $70,000 in construction. And if done over the winter (split into two calendar years) it could mean $140,000 projects have no safety permits or inspections. In fact, such projects "shall not be required... to obtain the approval of any government entity."

Measure 63 threatens our drinking water, our fish and wildlife habitats, and Oregon's celebrated land-use system.

OLCV urges you to vote NO on 63.

More about the measure, including the ballot title and explanation.

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