Special environmental scorecard includes votes on U.S. House spending bill

Yesterday, the national League of Conservation Voters released a special edition Scorecard scoring your elected leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives on environmental, public health, and energy votes taken on amendments to the “Continuing Resolution” – the spending bill -- that just passed in the House. The Scorecard highlights the attacks on key environmental protections that LCV and a host of other conservation groups say make this the most anti-environmental piece of legislation in recent memory.

LCV describes The Special Edition Scorecard as including "25 votes, 20 of which were amendments to make the underlying bill even worse.  This includes several amendments offered to block the Environmental Protection Agency from protecting public health and holding polluters accountable.  Other amendments would cut funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate change research, lands conservation and restoration, and other important environmental programs." 

Of course, in a case like this, Oregonians rest more easily than residents of other states. why? Because most members of the Oregon delegation in Washington agree with the Oregonians they represent that we have a responsibility to expand and support a clean energy economy, protect our children’s health, and preserve our quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

But don’t breathe too easily. One Oregon Congressman scored a big fat zero on LCV’s special scorecard: Greg Walden. That zero stands out like an oil slick in water against the perfect 100 percent scores earned by Congressmen Blumenauer and Wu, the 96 percent scored by Congressman DeFazio, and Congressman Schrader’s 88 percent. Unlike his counterparts, Congressman Walden voted for every single bad amendment and ultimately his votes helped pass this bill. Read more about what these amendments did and what they will mean if this bill passes the Senate.

But Walden's zero is not a shock when you take a look at his environmental votes across the board.On LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard, released last month, Walden scored an abysmal 10 percent, voting against bills that would have increased funding and accountability related to the Gulf oil spill, consumer loans for energy efficiency, and others. No other member of the Delegation dipped below 80 percent; Senator Merkley and Congressmen Blumenauer and Wu scored 100 percent.

You can find out all the scores and read about the bills they were scored on in LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard—which has rated members of Congress on environmental, public health and energy issues for 40 years.

Photo, courtesy of NASA: The BP oil spill spreading in the Gulf last April.

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