Environmental Safeguards

Andy Maggi | 04.24.12 7:42 pm

It finally happened. Koch Industries has finally started putting money into races here in Oregon. Just yesterday, they contributed $3,000 to Mike Schaufler’s campaign.

If you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of years, you may not know that Koch Industries is a privately held company that contributes to extremely conservative politicians and has been a crucial financial backer for the Tea Party movement.

Tresa | 02.14.12 10:16 am

Today, Feburary 14, not only marks Oregon's birthday, it is the last day for bills to have a work session in the chamber of origin.This means if a bill does not receive a work session by the end of the day tomorrow, the bill is most likley dead for this session.

Tresa | 12.12.11 4:14 pm

The Bull Run watershed is what many cities dream about.  With over one quarter of all Oregonians drinking water sourced from the Bull Run watershed, water quality and management costs are critical.

Tresa | 11.30.11 3:57 pm

Our good friend Regna Merritt who's been leading the charge to protect Portland families from outlandishly high water rate increases just sent us some great news.

I wanted to share it with you -

Tresa | 10.18.11 1:34 pm

If you don't know Jerry Herrmann you should.

Jerry HermmannJerry is a dedicated Clackamas County Steering Committee member who works hard to protect Oregon's natural legacy by electing pro-environment leaders. He's also been featured on Good Morning America for his famous feasts of traditionally prepared Native American Salmon Bakes. 

| 10.17.11 9:05 am

Great news! After the long and winding road from the 2011 Legislative Sesion, the City of Portland's ban on single-use plastic bags officially started on Saturday, October 15th. 

| 09.15.11 1:35 pm

I just caught this story from about a month ago in California. Have you seen this galling news about the plastics industry front group American Chemistry Council? 

Under pressure from a lobbying group for the plastics industry, California school officials edited a new environmental curriculum to include positive messages about plastic shopping bags, interviews and documents show.

| 08.30.11 10:35 am

If you're looking for a quick read and a quick view on a Tuesday, may I suggest this video featuring former Vice President Al Gore? 

Gore's gained a worldwide following - and the Nobel Peace Prize - for his work on global climate change. And today he's featured in an insightful video where he offers his advice on how to approach climate change deniers and anti-environmental skeptics. 

His advice? Win the conversation. Via Huffington Post Green

| 08.03.11 2:32 pm

It's an excellent question: what does the recent debt ceiling deal in Washington D.C. mean for the environment? It's also tough to answer.

Spending cuts are coming. But where those cuts will come from is hard to say. 

Politico speculates on potential sources that could be damaging for the environment, including money for renewable energy programs and for regulating polluters. 

Ashley Miller | 07.26.11 12:28 pm

Have you heard the great news? Last week Portland became the first city in Oregon to ban single-use plastic bags!   

And on the heels of this bold leadership from Portland, Newport is beginning to discuss how to promote reusable bags and, eventually, phase out these single-use plastic bags.

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