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| 11.02.12 3:46 pm

Admittedly, politics are not my thing.  I was never involved in the dynamics of local, state or national politics before joining OLCV.  But, I have always voted.  I vote because I believe that if you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice. And because I believe you cannot complain about what is or is not being done unless you are an active participant.

Bend is a gorgeous, family-friendly city that feels like a small town where recreational opportunities are never-ending, and people believe in keeping the community clean and safe. We care about our water and air, forests, land and wildlife.

Nikki Roemmer | 10.09.12 4:19 pm

I'm excited to introduce you to a great candidate running for the Oregon House in Bend's House District 54: Nathan Hovekamp.

We have a terrific opportunity right now to elect a new pro-conservation leader to the state House and oust a very bad actor at the same time. All you need to do is look at Jason Conger's votes and who financially supports him to see what I'm talking about.

A biology professor and former member of the City of Bend Planning Commission and the Bend-La Pine School Board, Nathan will stand up to protect our natural legacy and our kids' health.

Andy Maggi | 07.01.11 9:20 am

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is the political voice of Oregon's environmental community. OLCV is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that, along with its sister organizations the OLCV Education Fund and the OLCV PAC, passes laws that protect our natural legacy, elects pro-environment candidates, and holds all of our elected officials accountable. We are seeking a dynamic individual to join our staff as our Central Oregon Organizer.

  Central Oregon Organizer

| 05.18.11 10:53 am

Right now our legislative leaders in Salem are working to assemble Oregon’s budget for the next two years. While this is a tough job, it’s also one of the most critical ones for our environment.

| 05.09.11 2:00 pm

Every ten years, our state legislative leaders are tasked with redrawing our state's legislative and congressional districts. 

And today, these leaders released the first round of potential redistricting maps. 

One of OLCV's prime missions is to help pass good pro-conservation legislation by electing environmental champions. The final forms of these maps will directly impact what sort of champions we can send to Salem who will work to protect Oregon's great natural legacy. 

| 04.26.11 10:52 am

At our 14th Annual Celebration for the Environment, Governor John Kitzhaber offered stirring remarks about the importance of the OLCV and our work on myriad conservation issues. And he affirmed his commitment to work with us to protect Oregon's great natural legacy for future generations. 

Here's just a small sample of his remarks:

Since I was last in office, you have had a truly productive eight years – organizing, educating, and sometimes scratching and clawing to protect Oregon’s land, air and water for future generations. 

| 04.19.11 9:56 am

At this year's OLCV Annual Celebration dinner, we debuted a video featuring several Oregon business leaders, conservationists, and elected officials as they look back at the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. They go on to talk about the critical work that OLCV does to protect Oregon's environment and create jobs at the same time.

Click below to watch the video:

| 08.10.10 12:17 pm

Over the past 10 days, I have facilitated community discussions about environmental problems in Bend, Ashland, Salem and Gladstone (I'm pictured here at a conversation in Salem with Rep.

Toby Van Fleet | 04.28.10 6:04 pm

Who we elect matters

Check out this great video, created by our friends at Compass Media, highlighting Oregon's environmental champions and the incredible environmental safeguards they have helped to secure that help preserve Oregon's unique quality of life. This video was unveiled at OLCV's 13th Annual Dinner for the Environment on April 23, 2010. More than 1,100 guests attended.

| 09.09.09 12:49 pm

DCbbqWeb2 The OLCV Deschutes County Chapter’s Second Annual Summer BBQ fundraiser took Bend, Oregon by storm two weeks ago. August 22nd marked the culmination of more than a month’s worth of work done by the dedicated Deschutes County steering committee.

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