Doug Moore | 11.09.12 12:00 am

What a great election night! 

Here is a quick update on what we were able to accomplish:

Let’s start with the big win – the Oregon House of Representatives. We have won a pro-conservation majority! Two of our top targeted races, Ben Unger in HD 29 and Joe Gallegos in HD 30, defeated anti-conservation incumbents. We also made pro-conservation gains with the wins of Shemia Fagan (HD 51), Chris Gorsek (HD 49), David Gomberg (HD 10), John Lively (HD 12), and Brent Barton (HD 40).

Andy Maggi | 04.26.12 10:45 am

The list of Jeff Reardon supporters continues to grow. In the last week, Jeff has added some pretty big names to his list of endorsements. If you missed the news here are some big ones just from this week:

Andy Maggi | 04.24.12 7:42 pm

It finally happened. Koch Industries has finally started putting money into races here in Oregon. Just yesterday, they contributed $3,000 to Mike Schaufler’s campaign.

If you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of years, you may not know that Koch Industries is a privately held company that contributes to extremely conservative politicians and has been a crucial financial backer for the Tea Party movement.

Tresa | 02.14.12 10:16 am

Today, Feburary 14, not only marks Oregon's birthday, it is the last day for bills to have a work session in the chamber of origin.This means if a bill does not receive a work session by the end of the day tomorrow, the bill is most likley dead for this session.

| 10.17.11 9:05 am

Great news! After the long and winding road from the 2011 Legislative Sesion, the City of Portland's ban on single-use plastic bags officially started on Saturday, October 15th. 

| 09.15.11 1:35 pm

I just caught this story from about a month ago in California. Have you seen this galling news about the plastics industry front group American Chemistry Council? 

Under pressure from a lobbying group for the plastics industry, California school officials edited a new environmental curriculum to include positive messages about plastic shopping bags, interviews and documents show.

| 08.17.11 1:09 pm

State Representative Ben Cannon (D-Portland) is resigning his seat in the Oregon Legislature in September to take a new job with Governor John Kitzhaber's office. 

During his time in the legislature, Cannon has been a salwart champion for Oregon's environment. He's been there time and again when it comes to protecting our state's great natural legacy. 

His longstanding record begs a fun question for us: what's your favorite Ben Cannon conservation moment? There are so many strong options:

| 06.30.11 3:08 pm

Today Oregon's 2011 Legislative Session came to its conclusion. And we didn't win on every key conservation issue, overall we can consider this legislative session a win for Oregon's environment

| 06.15.11 3:36 pm

Representative Jules Bailey (D-Portland) is one of the good ones. And he knows what he's talking about when it comes to smart policies that will protect our environment and create jobs. 

| 05.18.11 10:53 am

Right now our legislative leaders in Salem are working to assemble Oregon’s budget for the next two years. While this is a tough job, it’s also one of the most critical ones for our environment.

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