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Ashley Miller | 10.24.12 12:51 pm

Monday night, Eugene became the third city in Oregon to ban the single use plastic bag. This is great news for Oregon and for our ocean!  This was absolutely a team effort; a huge thanks to the Surfrider Foundation and Environment Oregon for their work on this campaign.

Ashley Miller | 06.26.12 3:38 pm

Have you heard the good news? The city of Corvallis has just joined Portland in banning single-use plastic bags at the checkout stand! As you may recall, OLCV, as well as Oregon Conservation Network (OCN) partner organizations like the Surfrider Foundation, Environment Oregon and Sierra Club worked hard last year to ban the bag in Portland. Soon after, the race to be the 2nd city in the state to ban the bag began. Newport, Corvallis and Eugene all began looking at bag bans of their own. 

Tresa | 02.14.12 10:16 am

Today, Feburary 14, not only marks Oregon's birthday, it is the last day for bills to have a work session in the chamber of origin.This means if a bill does not receive a work session by the end of the day tomorrow, the bill is most likley dead for this session.

Ashley Miller | 12.09.11 2:52 pm

The holiday season is once again upon us and it is time to start (if you haven’t already) shopping for gifts. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’re more than aware, the economy has been hit hard. That’s why we all need to do our part to support our local businesses.

Tresa | 10.18.11 1:34 pm

If you don't know Jerry Herrmann you should.

Jerry HermmannJerry is a dedicated Clackamas County Steering Committee member who works hard to protect Oregon's natural legacy by electing pro-environment leaders. He's also been featured on Good Morning America for his famous feasts of traditionally prepared Native American Salmon Bakes. 

| 08.05.11 2:20 pm
Way to end the work week with a bang, Portland. 
Today, Portland Mayor Sam Adams announced that he will introduce a curbside composting program to be voted on by the City Council in mid-August. The program would take effect on Halloween, October 31 this year. 
Way to go Mayor Adams, and way to go Portland! This will keep thousands of pounds of food waste out of our landfills and help out Oregon agriculture. 
| 06.15.11 3:36 pm

Representative Jules Bailey (D-Portland) is one of the good ones. And he knows what he's talking about when it comes to smart policies that will protect our environment and create jobs. 

| 05.10.11 9:49 am

There’s only one week left until ballots are counted and two very important elections are coming down to the wire. Both of these campaigns need your help today.

Clackamas County Measure 3-372: Building a New, Safe Sellwood Bridge

| 05.03.11 8:31 am

 Late last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Hood River's Elaine Thompson, an OLCV member and staunch supporter of making Oregon the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastic checkout bags. 

Elaine says she's a Northwest girl at heart and loves Oregon. And because she feels so passionately about this issue she took the time to work with us to  organize people to take action around showings of ‘Bag It!’ in Hood River.

And why does Elaine support the OLCV? She put it simply and eloquently: 

| 04.26.11 10:52 am

At our 14th Annual Celebration for the Environment, Governor John Kitzhaber offered stirring remarks about the importance of the OLCV and our work on myriad conservation issues. And he affirmed his commitment to work with us to protect Oregon's great natural legacy for future generations. 

Here's just a small sample of his remarks:

Since I was last in office, you have had a truly productive eight years – organizing, educating, and sometimes scratching and clawing to protect Oregon’s land, air and water for future generations. 

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