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| 03.26.08 9:32 am

Yesterday I joined approximately 23,300 Oregonians for the opening day of Hopworks Urban Brewery. The reason for the standing-room-only crowd and the 45 minute wait for a table at 4:30pm? The intersection of three of Portland's passions: beer, bikes, and sustainability.

| 01.27.08 11:50 am

I just watched a really interesting video that does an amazing job of telling the "Story of Stuff."


OLCV | 01.09.08 12:44 pm

San Fransisco was the first to ban them.

Now NYC is one of the first to require stores to recycle them.

OLCV | 11.20.07 6:52 am

From special guest author Yoly Howell, Portland resident.

OLCV | 11.06.07 11:22 am

If you watch any shows on NBC this week, you're bound to see the green peacock.

What does it all mean you ask?
Well, NBC has decided to go green - at least for a week. 

From their website:

NBC Universal's new "Green is Universal" campaign kicks off Nov. 4th with a week of green-themed programming aimed at entertaining, informing and empowering Americans to lead greener lives.

Very interesting.

OLCV | 11.05.07 12:19 pm

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, if NYC city council members have their way grocery stores will soon be required to take back and recycle the hundreds of plastic bags they so liberally bag groceries in on a daily basis.

This would be a pretty incredible feat.
During my six years in NYC, I spent countless times telling store clerks, "I don't need a bag... NO, I don't need a bag..." 

OLCV | 10.29.07 12:17 pm


According to an article in the New York Daily News, the NYC City Council is working to pass a bill that would require supermarkets to recycle the plastic bags they provide to their customers.

Their goal?
Reducing the amount of plastic bags that end up in the trash.

The new law would require each bag to be labeled: "Please return this bag to a participating store for recycling."

OLCV | 05.11.06 3:54 pm

There has been a barrage of news recently about climate disruption. The administration in Washington notwithstanding, the concensus seems to be that we are in trouble. If we don't act within ten years, it could be too late to forestall catastrophic climate change. I've heard sea level could rise 20 feet or more in the next century if we can't turn this thing around.

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