Green Business

| 10.29.09 3:30 pm

The community of St Helens. Oregon will gain 50 stable family-wage jobs next year when the construction of a plastic-bottle recycling plant is completed. Those jobs can be linked to the work OLCV and the Oregon Conservation Network did in the 2007 Legislative Session to expand Oregon's landmark bottle bill to include bottled water.

| 09.30.09 11:22 am

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the "Ecoroofs Everywhere" event at the Rocket Building in Portland. Ecoroofs are planted roofs with drainage systems, that take the place of conventional roofs. While traditionally planted in sedum and other inedible plants, last night's tour was of the roof of the Rocket Building at 11th and East Burnside.

| 09.16.08 9:23 am

As Oregon leaders including the Governor's Task Force on Global Warming look for global warming solutions, one of the places they're looking is green building. Buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, as the energy used to power, heat, and cool them needs to come from somewhere.

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