Climate and energy

| 05.08.09 8:15 am

Note: the below was written by Phaedra Booth, our Policy Fellow this session... I was able to attend a press conference last Friday with Sen. Merkley and Rep. Blumenauer, and Reps. Bailey and Read, where they visited a home in Southeast Portland that would benefit from the Act - Evan

| 05.05.09 1:18 pm

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that analysts at the financial institution Raymond James are finding we reached, and passed, peak oil production last year.

| 05.01.09 10:28 am

Why light the sky?

From an airplane at night, it's easy to see city lights. While showing us the outlines of cities, they also show us wasting energy to light the sky.

OLCV | 03.30.09 11:06 am

Why Repower Oregon?

Join us for a special presentation on the benefits of taking responsible, immediate action in the fight against global warming vs. the high cost of doing nothing.

WHEN: 6- 8 PM, Thursday, April 16, 2009
WHERE:  United First Methodist Chuch, in the Carrier Room, 600 State Street (down the street from the Capitol in Salem)


| 02.19.09 9:59 am

A quick squib - which many of Oregon's fantastic leading green builders may quibble over.

| 02.18.09 9:21 am

Today's Portland Business Journal reports on a study released yesterday by the University of Oregon that found the costs of inaction on climate is projected to cost Oregonians $3.3 billion a year by 2020.

The author of the report, Ernie Niemi VicePresident at ECONorthwest, said the costs were purposely understated, and only covered some of the costs. Health costs and wasted energy consumption were the largest costs.

| 02.11.09 3:27 pm

Rep. Tobias Read, chair of the House Sustainability and Economic Development Committee, and Tom Kelly, owner of Neil Kelly, Inc. wrote a piece in The Oregonian calling for leadership on climate change, instead of waiting for someone else to dictate our terms, or failing to embrace new ways, like Detroit. An excerpt:

| 02.08.09 9:05 am

Four weeks into the 2009 Legislative session, we've seen legislators introduce 1,185 bills. We're currently tracking 244 of them as having potential impacts on the environment. We'll probably see another 2,000 to 2,500 bills, bringing the total somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 bills.

| 02.06.09 8:44 am

At yesterday's hearing on climate change legislation to help the economy and environment, Governor Kulongoski led with electrifying testimony, where he criticized "Salem Beltway naysayers". An excerpt:

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