Fish and wildlife habitat

Meredith Shield | 12.08.10 12:20 pm

This week, we saw two huge victories for the Great Pacific Cleanup campaign that has been hard at work throughout the state, working with city governments to pass resolutions to “Ban the Bag” if the legislature does not pass one in the upcoming legislative session.

Andy Maggi | 11.19.10 2:29 pm

After an election, questions about how the results will affect dynamics in the legislature, solutions for the state budget, and the destiny of environmental policy at all levels of government still loom large. But in some places, like Tigard, election results are already benefiting communities and the environment they live in.

Toby Van Fleet | 09.22.10 10:08 am

There's a story on the front page of the Oregonian today, by Jeff Mapes, that every voter who cares about Oregon should read. In short, it compares the environmental positions of the two candidates for Oregon governor.

Toby Van Fleet | 09.20.10 11:52 am

The Oregonian today endorsed Measure 76, the ballot measure that will continue stable lottery funding for Oregon's water, parks and wildlife.

| 08.30.10 12:35 pm

Today, Oregon State Senator Frank Morse, who represents Albany and Corvallis, made the national League of Conservation Voters’ inaugural state-level “Dirty Dozen” list, a list of 12 of the most anti-environment candidates in the country running for state office. Senator Morse won out over hundreds of candidates submitted from state leagues across th

Meredith Shield | 07.01.10 9:37 am

The doom: Oregon is facing tough challenges

As we all know, Oregon is in the middle of a budget crisis.

In May, the Office of Economic Analysis issued a revenue forecast for the state General Fund that showed a sharp drop in the money available to fund state programs that support our natural resources, as well as critical services like healthcare and schools. State officials predict a deficit of $577 million for the current 2009-11 biennium, which ends next June.

Ashley Miller | 06.30.10 9:32 am

Prior to joining the OLCV staff, I volunteered on the steering committee of OLCV’s Lane County chapter. One of the things that really appealed to me as a steering committee member was OLCV’s local environmental scorecard process. It was such a great way to evaluate whether or not the hard work we put into electing local candidates in Lane County had actually translated into protecting the environment.

Andy Maggi | 04.30.10 3:08 pm

You no doubt know by now that this nation is facing one of the worst environmental disaters in our history.

An oil platform in the the Gulf of Mexico exploded and then sank, creating a disaterous oil leak. If not for an election in a few weeks here in Oregon, I would probably be writing about it daily. Instead, I have been doing my best to track the story and now have a moment to reflect on what it means for the Gulf Coast and Oregon.

Toby Van Fleet | 04.28.10 6:04 pm

Who we elect matters

Check out this great video, created by our friends at Compass Media, highlighting Oregon's environmental champions and the incredible environmental safeguards they have helped to secure that help preserve Oregon's unique quality of life. This video was unveiled at OLCV's 13th Annual Dinner for the Environment on April 23, 2010. More than 1,100 guests attended.

Toby Van Fleet | 02.04.10 9:27 am

One of the Oregon Conservation Network's Priorities for a Healthy Oregon passed out of committee this morning and will soon be up for a vote on the House Floor.

As amended, House Bill 3613 would implement a ten-year moratorium on offshore drilling in Oregon's territorial sea. If the bill becomes law, it would help to provide certainty and stability in coastal communities who depend on our state's robust fishing and tourism industries.

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