Fish and wildlife habitat

Toby Van Fleet | 02.01.10 10:06 am

A story in Saturday's Salem Statesman Journal lays out environmental priorities for Oregon's special legislative session, which started today and last only four short weeks.

Toby Van Fleet | 01.21.10 1:11 pm

Many of you were quite taken with the video of the wolf pack in the Wallowas that was released in November.

Earlier this week, an Associated Press story further tracks the apparent progression of the wolf population in the Cascades.

Toby Van Fleet | 11.20.09 8:44 am

The Wallowa County Cheiftain yesterday reported that a pack of ten wolves has been confirmed and videoed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. (see video below.)

Check out Natural Oregon's explanation of the OFDW's Wolf Management plan.


| 10.09.09 1:41 pm

In case you missed it: In Friday's Oregonian, Governor Ted Kulongoski stands up for salmon in the Columbia and Snake Rivers and against another dithering administration response, writing:


| 10.09.09 1:34 pm

This morning the Savage Rapids coffer dam was breached, culminating over 20 years of hard work to restore the Rogue River to freedom. A dam has blocked the river since 1921, and was deemed one of Oregon's worst impediments to wild salmon passage.

Read more in the Medford Mail Tribune.

Congrats to WaterWatch of Oregon and other groups who worked hard on this project!

Toby Van Fleet | 10.08.09 7:48 am

In The Portland Tribune's Sustainable Life section, published today, you can read an interview by Steve Law with recently departed OLCV executive director Jonathan Poisner.

Toby Van Fleet | 09.22.09 12:27 pm

You care about Oregon's environmental legacy.

Do your legislators?

In the only thorough assessment of how Oregon legislators vote on the environment, the scores tell the story: most legislators backed stronger environmental stewardship a majority of the time.

| 08.24.09 2:26 pm

So says Idaho state Rep. Eric Anderson about zebra and quagga mussels, that threaten to overtake northwest waterways. While they have yet to be introduced to Washington and Oregon, a boat infested with quagga mussels was stopped on Washington's roads this spring.

If introduced, they could cost the state tens of millions of dollars to control. That's what the Oregon Conservation Network prioritized passing a bill to create and fund boat check stations, and why the legislature passed a dozen bills to fight invasive species.

| 06.29.09 1:28 pm

On an 18-11 vote, the Oregon Senate just passed HB 2020, a bill to create an emergency response fund to detect and quickly respond to invasive species outbreaks. (More about the bill). It was the third OCN Priority bill on invasive species to head to the Governor's desk, giving OCN a 3-for-3 record this session on invasives. Congrats to Trout Unlimited and Native Fish Society, who worked on this bill.

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