Fish and wildlife habitat

| 06.22.09 8:53 am

Giant_Hogweed_3 I just had to write that headline.

| 06.17.09 3:49 pm

The Oregon Senate passed HB 3013A just now, on a 24-3 vote. Senators Johnson and Kruse carried the bill on the floor. Sens. Ferrioli, George, and Girod voted against; Sens. Boquist, Carter, and Walker were excused. The bill now heads to the Governor for his signature.

Toby Van Fleet | 06.12.09 1:59 pm

The state is very nervous about potential arrival of aquatic invasive species in Oregon, according to a story in today’s Oregonian. The story explains the dangers of invasive species and what the Oregon Legislature could do about it right now.


| 05.20.09 11:12 am

Senate Bill 571, an OCN Priority for a Healthy Oregon, passed the Oregon House on a 60-0 vote this morning. The bill will increase penalties on those people who introduce invasive fish into Oregon waters. The bill now heads to the Governor for his signature. Congratulations to all those who helped move this important bill forward! (more about the bill)

| 03.31.09 9:15 am

This morning the House Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Communities  Committee heard two Priorities for a Healthy Oregon bills that will significantly address invasive species concerns in Oregon. Invasive species have the potential to cost Oregon, private business, and taxpayers millions of dollars each year if allowed to invade the state.

OLCV | 12.11.08 10:10 am

Countdown to the 2009 Legislative Session that is...

The first day of session is January 12 and we can't wait to get to work.

We'll be working on critical environmental legislation as a member of the Oregon Conservation Network (OCN), a coalition of fifty of Oregon’s leading environmental groups. 

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