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| 09.16.08 9:37 am

For the third time: One of the challenges of passing good environmental laws is making sure we have the resources to carry them out. Whether it's water-quality monitoring or enforcement against corporate polluters, state parks maintenance or stopping invasive species, Oregon needs resources to meet our common environmental goals.

| 09.11.08 2:37 pm

Based on a July gathering of more than 150 Oregon experts, the Oregon Invasive Species Council recently sent a report to the Governor's office explaining the challenges of invasive species in Oregon and recommending actions.

The report calls for an emergency rapid response program, public education, and legislative action on border stations to fight quagga mussels, funds to eradicate feral swine, and county weed board funding.

| 08.14.08 2:56 pm

oregon coast Representative Greg Macpherson (D-Lake Oswego) eloquently called upon the state to adopt marine reserves in today's "Mac Report" to constituents:

| 08.11.08 10:57 am

The Governors of Oregon, Washington, and California recently released a 113-page action plan to protect the Pacific Ocean from oil spills, global warming, declining fish stocks and invasive species. They are asking the federal government for $5 million to help fund action on the plan.

The seven action items:

| 07.28.08 1:21 pm

At last week's invasive species summit, scientists, agency officials, elected leaders, and environmental activists gathered to discuss Oregon's invasive species problem and what to do about it. Ideas included an emergency fund to deal with outbreaks, similar to a rural fire fund, border check stations to scan boats for mussels, and more funding to eradicate feral swine.

One interesting tidbit: over the past 18 months, agency officials have discovered 20 insect and snail species they've never seen in Oregon, including one that's new to science.

| 07.11.08 10:53 am

Northeastern Oregon's Wallowa Lake is a gem. People travel from all over the state to enjoy the lake -- by hiking, fishing, and relaxing around it.

Wallowa County officials are worried, however, that zebra and quagga mussels could be introduced to the lake, thereby destroying sportfishing, as well as clogging up irrigation pipes across the county. About 38,000 acres of irrigated hay, wheat, and barley fields are at risk.

| 06.18.08 7:45 am

Yesterday's New York Times had an article about invasive quagga mussels in the lower Colorado river. From the article:

| 05.27.08 8:14 am

The Salem Statesman-Journal is hosting an online chat today at noon about invasive weeds.

| 04.22.08 3:19 pm
OLCV | 04.22.08 12:37 pm


There has been a lot of talk about the environment in all three of the presidential campaigns in 2008 - unlike anything we've seen in previous years.

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