Fish and wildlife habitat

| 04.17.08 10:20 am

Dedicated Scrabble players desperate with the Q and too many G's may know the word "Quagga" - an extinct mammal somewhat like a zebra. But average Oregonians may soon learn the word as well.

Tuesday's Portland Tribune has a great story on invasive species, including zebra and quagga mussels, blackberries, and the New Zealand mud snail. The species are smothering and killing trees, poisoning songbirds, choking our waterways, and outcompeting native fish for algae.

OLCV | 12.19.07 11:59 am
What were the top 5 environmental victories of 2007?

1.) Measure 49

OLCV E-bulletin subscriber, Stan Seleen, said it best, "The passage of Measure 49 must be the most important success in 2007.  It is a tremendous relief to know that Oregonians have once again shown their support for our land use planning."

2.) Passage of SB 838, the renewable Energy Standard
OLCV | 12.06.07 8:14 am

As most of you know, our 2007 Environmental Scorecard revealed which state representatives and senators are catching up to voters' environmental values and which elected officials are still living in the dark ages.

OLCV | 09.12.07 12:40 am

Highlights Ratings of Oregon Legislators on Energy, Forests, Farmland & Water



OLCV | 09.11.07 11:09 am

OLCV’s 2007 Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature to be released Wednesday, September 12.

Highlights Ratings of Oregon Legislators on Energy, Forests, Farmland & Water

| 08.15.07 1:17 pm

Today's Eugene Register-Guard has a terrific editorial taking our junior US Senator Gordon Smith to task for the blatant factual inaccuracies in his recent defense of his 2002 actions that led to a massive fish kill on the Klamath River.

Some of his inaccuracies are stunning -- such as claiming that 18 months went by between the water diversion he supported and the die-off of 75,000 coho salmon.  In reality, it was 6 months. 

As the RG concludes: 

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