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Ashley Miller | 07.23.12 2:47 pm

There is a very heated debate over coal trains in the Northwest.  Currently, there are plans to have several new coal export facilities built in the Northwest.  In Washington, potential sites include Cherry Point, Longview, and Grays Harbor.  In Oregon they are proposing coal exports at Port Westward, Port of Morrow, and Coos Bay.   Coal is a very dirty source of power, and these new sites would increase the amount of coal being shipped out to Asian countries for them to burn for their ever growing energy needs.  And in order for the coal to make it to the shipping facilities, it has to be moved across several states via train.

Ashley Miller | 06.26.12 3:38 pm

Have you heard the good news? The city of Corvallis has just joined Portland in banning single-use plastic bags at the checkout stand! As you may recall, OLCV, as well as Oregon Conservation Network (OCN) partner organizations like the Surfrider Foundation, Environment Oregon and Sierra Club worked hard last year to ban the bag in Portland. Soon after, the race to be the 2nd city in the state to ban the bag began. Newport, Corvallis and Eugene all began looking at bag bans of their own. 

Tresa | 02.02.12 5:36 pm

This afternoon, legislation to create Oregon’s first system of marine reserves to safeguard some of the most important areas in the Greater California Current of the Pacific Ocean passed out of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources committee with unanimous support (5-0).

Find out what people are saying about this great news.

It will now move to the floor for a vote. Stay tuned for a date and time.

| 04.26.11 10:52 am

At our 14th Annual Celebration for the Environment, Governor John Kitzhaber offered stirring remarks about the importance of the OLCV and our work on myriad conservation issues. And he affirmed his commitment to work with us to protect Oregon's great natural legacy for future generations. 

Here's just a small sample of his remarks:

Since I was last in office, you have had a truly productive eight years – organizing, educating, and sometimes scratching and clawing to protect Oregon’s land, air and water for future generations. 

| 04.19.11 9:56 am

At this year's OLCV Annual Celebration dinner, we debuted a video featuring several Oregon business leaders, conservationists, and elected officials as they look back at the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. They go on to talk about the critical work that OLCV does to protect Oregon's environment and create jobs at the same time.

Click below to watch the video:

Toby Van Fleet | 12.08.10 1:29 pm

Yesterday. Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) reached a historic milestone in the process of protecting Oregon's rich marine habitat and the local economies it supports.

Meredith Shield | 12.08.10 12:20 pm

This week, we saw two huge victories for the Great Pacific Cleanup campaign that has been hard at work throughout the state, working with city governments to pass resolutions to “Ban the Bag” if the legislature does not pass one in the upcoming legislative session.

Toby Van Fleet | 10.30.10 11:19 am

With the momentum of the John Kitzhaber campaign gaining every day, and with just four days left until ballots are due, Chris Dudley spent the morning snuggling up to out-of-state supporters New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. Both attended a breakfast for Dudley at Parkrose High School in Portland this morning.

Toby Van Fleet | 09.22.10 10:08 am

There's a story on the front page of the Oregonian today, by Jeff Mapes, that every voter who cares about Oregon should read. In short, it compares the environmental positions of the two candidates for Oregon governor.

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