| 05.17.11 4:39 pm

 In a few hours we’ll know a lot about the future of Clackamas County.

Our Sellwood Bridge is one of the most structurally unsound bridges in the country, and is literally falling to pieces. Will we be able to afford to rebuild it?

Will the 30,000 of us who cross the Sellwood Bridge daily have to cope if the bridge collapses? Or will we step up and protect this vital piece of our transportation infrastructure.

| 05.10.11 9:49 am

There’s only one week left until ballots are counted and two very important elections are coming down to the wire. Both of these campaigns need your help today.

Clackamas County Measure 3-372: Building a New, Safe Sellwood Bridge

| 05.09.11 2:00 pm

Every ten years, our state legislative leaders are tasked with redrawing our state's legislative and congressional districts. 

And today, these leaders released the first round of potential redistricting maps. 

One of OLCV's prime missions is to help pass good pro-conservation legislation by electing environmental champions. The final forms of these maps will directly impact what sort of champions we can send to Salem who will work to protect Oregon's great natural legacy. 

| 05.02.11 3:00 pm

With ballots arriving this past weekend I want to encourage all OLCV members and Portland residents who care about the environment to vote YES for Portland Schools. I especially encourage you to vote yes on 26-121, the new school facilities bond measure.

| 04.26.11 10:52 am

At our 14th Annual Celebration for the Environment, Governor John Kitzhaber offered stirring remarks about the importance of the OLCV and our work on myriad conservation issues. And he affirmed his commitment to work with us to protect Oregon's great natural legacy for future generations. 

Here's just a small sample of his remarks:

Since I was last in office, you have had a truly productive eight years – organizing, educating, and sometimes scratching and clawing to protect Oregon’s land, air and water for future generations. 

| 04.19.11 9:56 am

At this year's OLCV Annual Celebration dinner, we debuted a video featuring several Oregon business leaders, conservationists, and elected officials as they look back at the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. They go on to talk about the critical work that OLCV does to protect Oregon's environment and create jobs at the same time.

Click below to watch the video:

Andy Maggi | 03.22.11 12:13 pm

With a little more than three weeks to OLCV's Annual Celebration for the Environment, things at OLCV HQ are getting pretty exciting. We're making a video, lining up a DJ, selling tickets and tables... and we're getting closer to announcing the 2010 Katy Daily Volunteer of the Year!

| 01.05.11 2:31 pm

With the new year, OLCV switches gears from a focus on election work to a focus on the Legislative Session. It’s part of the two-year cycle we work in: electing strong, pro-environment leaders and then working with them to pass strong laws that protect the environment, the economy and our health. OLCV will be in Salem every day with the Oregon Conservation Network with those goals in mind.

Andy Maggi | 11.19.10 2:29 pm

After an election, questions about how the results will affect dynamics in the legislature, solutions for the state budget, and the destiny of environmental policy at all levels of government still loom large. But in some places, like Tigard, election results are already benefiting communities and the environment they live in.

Toby Van Fleet | 11.19.10 2:19 pm

A great op-ed by Tigard Mayor Craig Dirksen and OLCV Executive Director Jon Isaacs published in today's Oregonian points out the important message about the overwhelming success of environmental initiatives on Oregon's November ballot: 

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