Tresa | 12.28.09 2:44 pm

Chuck Bennett for Salem Mayor

Chuck Bennett is running in a crowded race to be Salem's next mayor. But his ideas to make sure Salem families get what they deserve--clean air and water, affordable transportation choices, and safe, walkable neighborhoods--set him apart. 

Toby Van Fleet | 12.28.09 11:27 am

Chances are you have seen the latest Yes for Oregon ad (watch below).

But have you checked out this amazing map that shows what's at stake in every county in Oregon?

Tresa | 12.21.09 4:09 pm

In Marion County, some say five is the magic number.

Tresa | 12.14.09 2:53 pm

Voters will face many tough decisions in city, county and state races throughout Marion County next year.

Fortunately, a strong team of local community leaders have joined forces on OLCV’s newly re-formed Marion County Steering Committee to make sure the public is informed when they cast their votes next May and November. Over the next few months, the steering committee will be identifying pro-environment candidates in several races in Marion County and talking to voters about those candidates.

| 12.11.09 6:24 am

Yesterday I received a few emails that show that the mis-information from the opposition to Measures 66&67 is confusing Oregon voters.  Here is an email I received from a woman named Lois:

This bill needs to be reworked.  It will break the backs of Oregon farmers! How about looking at the long term consequences.

Tresa | 12.07.09 12:39 pm

"We didn't set out to be green activists," said Marc Weinberg, a real estate attorney in California.

According to a recent article in the LA Times, Weinberg sued his Home Owners Association after he was told he could not install solar panels on his house. He won his case - clearing the way for other residents to save some green by going clean. Read the article in the LA Times.

Toby Van Fleet | 12.02.09 10:43 am

Watch the Yes for Oregon ad below.

Want to know why a vote for Measures 66 and 67 is a vote for the environment? Get the facts.

Andy Maggi | 11.18.09 5:33 pm

After announcing that he was not running for re-election to the Lane County Commission, Bill Fleenor faced a tidal wave of support and requests from his West Lane County constituents to reconsider his decision. 

OLCV worked hard to get Fleenor elected to the West Lane County seat in 2006 and we know that the board has moved forward on a range of environmental priorities because of Bill Fleenor’s strong support. We would definitely be facing a challenge without Bill on the commission and without Bill in the race this spring. 

Toby Van Fleet | 11.18.09 1:18 pm

Plans in the works to outnumber global-warming naysayers

Since the defacing of Keller Auditorium in the wee hours last night--a sort--of makeshift welcome mat for the global-warming naysayers and a foreshadowing of tonight's "Tea Party" outside Keller--the community is striking back with force.

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