Two huge victories for Ban the Bag

This week, we saw two huge victories for the Great Pacific Cleanup campaign that has been hard at work throughout the state, working with city governments to pass resolutions to “Ban the Bag” if the legislature does not pass one in the upcoming legislative session. This week, two city councils did just that -- in Newport and Lake Oswego. The Portland City Council passed a similar resolution over the summer, and local chains like New Seasons and Fred Meyer are way ahead of the curve, having already voluntarily eliminated plastic grocery bags at their checkouts.

With millions of tons of plastic dumping into the Pacific Ocean every year, and with Oregonians using 1.7 billion plastic checkout bags every year, these resolutions are important steps toward a statewide ban of the environmentally distastrous habit of using disposable plastic shopping bags. Senator Mark Hass (D-Beaverton) has been championing the cause and will introduce legislation early next year to ban single-use plastic bags at checkouts around the state. Demonstrating statewide support at the local level is critical to passing this legislation.

Other communities in Oregon are also interested in passing resolutions like the ones passed in Lake Oswego, Newport and Portland. You can find more info about the Ban the Bag campaign here, or check out the numerous groups working on this important issue, including Environment Oregon, Oregon Surfrider and Recycling Advocates, as well as many of the Riverkeeper groups in the state.

Next week, during Legislative Days in Salem, the Oregon Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on Sen. Hass's upcoming legislation. You can attend the hearing or watch it online. Find out more here.

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