Billy Don Robinson

I'm honored to be nominated for the 2010 Katy Daily Volunteer of the Year Award.

Early in 2010, OLCV got me all fired up at the "Campaigning to Win in 2010" training where OLCV Executive Director Jon Isaacs and then Political Director Katy Daily shared key ideas that I have quoted many times since that fine day. 

I sat next to Janelle Sorenson, and she signed me up as a volunteer for the Water, Parks, Wildlife Campaign to pass Measure 76. By the way, we won! 

I volunteered in support of several OLCV-endorsed campaigns during the 2010 general election cycle. I worked alongside great OLCVers like Jon Isaacs, Katy Daily, Toby Van Fleet, and Tresa Horney.

After the general election, my conservation work has continued with the Native Plant Society of Oregon. At our local chapter, I am Vice-President for Programs.  My duties focus on scheduling programs for our monthly meetings to affirm and support our mission statement. We are "Dedicated to the enjoyment, conservation and study of Oregon’s native plants and habitat".  I make sure conservation is well-represented in our schedule, with organizations like MetroOregon Wild, and BARK as program presenters. 

At  NPSO's state level, I serve as a director-at-large. I also chair NPSO's State Legislative Committee. Currently, my focus is to support our recent unanimous resolution opposing Portland General Electric's plans to use the ecology-altering invasive species Arundo Donax/Giant Cane as a biomass fuel source for the Boardman coal-fired facility. 

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