Jeff Golden

Since you can’t take it with you, what better drop-off place is there?

In 1972, Jeff Golden dropped out of college, moved to Southern Oregon, and settled 20 rural acres in the Cascades with a used chainsaw.

After spending the next several years living off the land and engaged in saving his beloved whitewater rivers, he felt the pull of local politics and public broadcasting, started a family, and moved to Ashland.

Since that time Jeff has served as Jackson County Commissioner, hosted a radio program on OPB, and helped raise two “magnificent” kids, Daniel and Sarah. He also became a member of OLCV, because, as he says:

“Envisioning a greener Oregon is a pleasant way to pass the time, but it’s not much more than that without practical tools for anchoring our goals in public policy. OLCV has consistently and effectively provided those tools; if it hadn’t our landscape would look very different today.”

In his mid 40s, Jeff deepened his commitment to protecting Oregon’s rivers and forests by deciding to make a planned gift to OLCV.  After all, he reasoned, “since you can’t take it with you, what better drop-off place is there?” With a few simple steps, Jeff made OLCV a beneficiary of his estate in his will.

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