Jon McWilliams

I retired from  teaching in the Beaverton School District and working for TriMet and have been with the Washington County Chapter of OLCV for a little over a year.

Now, let me tell you, Washington County's Chapter of OLCV is a great place to be. This is where I get to meet candidates running for elected offices. I participate in OLCV's endorsement process as a member of an interview team. Together, we ask questions of the candidates and learn that many have wonderful ideas about protecting the environment. Our endorsement committee then recommends endorsements to the OLCV PAC Board.

After candidates are elected, we keep in touch with them, and remind them of the importance of taking care of the environment when they cast their votes. Later, after many votes, it is good to be able to look at OLCV's environmental scorecards and see how our elected officials voted on the environment. It's really great to see those scores above 75%, especially the ones in between 90 and 100%.

This involvement as well as working with other committee members to put on events such as the ice cream social, makes me happy to be a member of OLCV. It's all about taking care of the environment, folks! And keeping Oregon a great place to raise our children and live a healthy lifestyle.

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