Katie Barzee

Katie Barzee is an Earth and Ocean Sciences major at Duke University set to graduate in 2011. In summer 2009, she came to OLCV through the DukeEngage program for civic service to learn about managing environmental organizations, and worked for the Oregon Conservation Network. We sat down with her then to talk about coming to Oregon, working for the environmentalism, and large folkloric creatures:

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Been to Oregon before?
No, it’s my first time traveling west of the Mississippi River.

Most shocking thing about Oregon:
The number of smokers in an otherwise very health-conscious state.

What will you miss about Oregon?
I will miss feeling connected to the environment in all aspects of my life.

Why work for the environment?

Humans have lost their innate connection to the natural world. My goal in life is to help society become effective stewards of Earth and its resources.

Seen Sasquatch?

I had a pleasant conversation with Monsieur Bigfoot about the need for more comfortable seating on the TriMet for large folkloric creatures.

Spare time?
I love to Swing dance and hike to waterfalls.

What else?
My favorite food is now Dave’s Killer Vegan “Sin City” bread that I discovered at the Portland Farmer’s Market.

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