Electronic Waste Recycling in Oregon

HB 2626

Legislative Session | 

Hundreds of thousands of Oregonians have old computers in their basement. This legislation creates a needed solution by establishing a statewide program to recycle used computers and televisions in an environmentally responsible way. Computers and TVs contain toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury that pose serious problems if not properly disposed. With an estimated 27,000 tons of electronic waste inadequately disposed in Oregon landfills in 2002 alone, this is clearly an issue that needs to be handled. HB 2626 requires manufacturers to set up a system to responsible recycle their products or they must pay into a parallel state system. By 2009, all Oregonians should have a means to safely and conveniently recycle of their old computers and televisions.


Vote date May 29, 2007
Yes 30 - No 0

House of Representatives

Vote date May 15, 2007
Yes 58 - No 0
Governor Signed the bill
Yes is the pro-environment vote

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