03 19 2015 (All day) | Deschutes County

What do sex, birth control, and education have to do with the environment and sustainability? Research suggests that increased access to birth control and reproductive health services can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions as much as if all tropical deforestation were eliminated.  Despite the indelible impacts on climate and the environment, sexual health seems to be left out of the discussion.

03 24 2015 (All day) | Legislature

On March 24th, OLCV and the Oregon Conservation Network holds its lobby day – dozens of Oregonians representing over 40 organizations gathering at the Capitol to raise our voices in support of Oregon’s natural legacy. This session, we will advocate for bills that address climate change, conserve crucial habitat, and protect the public health. Can you join us?

Oregon League of Conservation Voters | 133 SW 2nd Ave., Ste. 200 | Portland, OR 97204 |  Phone: 503-224-4011 | Fax: 503-224-1548