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The race for Salem’s Mayor and the Marion County Charter Initiative are two key races that will shape our region’s future. Read more about how you can help...

Help make Bob Stacey Metro President.

The campaign to elect Bob Stacey as next Metro President is in full swing! Over fifty volunteers have aleady made thousands of phone calls for Bob. But we still need to talk to thousands of voters to ensure that Bob has the votes he needs to win. Voter-to-voter conversations are the best way to spread the word about Bob Stacey, but we can't do this alone.  

The race for Metro President and Washington County Commission Chair give voters in Washington County a rare opportunity to elect two pro-enviroment leaders in critical races.

Dick Schouten for County Commission Chair

As the Portland Metro area becomes a more popular destination to live and visit, our region will experience some growing pains.  We need a leader who can tackle a wide array of challenges including critical issues like growth management, land use and transportation planning and economic development. 

One of the biggest races in the Portland metro area is the race for Metro President. 

OLCV is working hard to elect longtime environmental champion Bob Stacey.

On April 23, OLCV will honor this year's Volunteer of the Year: Rachel Bloom.

Rachel will be honored for her exceptional contribution at OLCV's 13th Annual Dinner for the Environment on April 23.

OLCV has announced its endorsement of both Bill Bradbury and John Kitzhaber in the 2010 race for Oregon Governor. The announcement comes after last week’s gubernatorial environmental debate, co-hosted by OLCV and four other groups. The debate, along with a questionnaire and interview, was used as criteria in the endorsement decision.

Opportunities to elect environmental leaders in Clackamas County

With three seats on the Clackamas County Commission, the Metro Presidient race up for grabs and several key legislative battles in Clackamas County, 2010 is shaping up to have a busy politcal year.

Help preserve a pro-conservation majority on the Lane County Commission

Election excitement in Washington County

There may no more exciting place to be this election year than Washington County. With three seats on the Washington County Commission and the Metro Presidient race up for grabs, 2010 Washington County is shaping up to be the place. Read more on the OLCV Blog.

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