OLCV's Katy Daily Volunteer of the Year Award

OLCV relies on hundreds of volunteers every year who help fulfill our mission. Our volunteers knock on doors or make phone calls on behalf of OLCV-endorsed candidates, serve on one of our county chapter steering committees, help us in one of our offices, organize events, recruit new members, and so on. We are grateful for every minute each of our volunteers spends on OLCV. But only one (or, in 2009, two) can be our Katy Daily Volunteer of the Year!

The Katy Daily Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes outstanding volunteers who went above and beyond in their service to the organization in the previous year and is presented at our Annual Celebration for the Environment. In 2010, this award was named after Katy Daily, past OLCV staff member, board member, and volunteer. She was born an Oregonian and will always be one - even though Katy and her family now live in Australia.

2012 Katy Daily Volunteer of the Year

Darek Staab is a life-long steward and volunteer, with a passion for our environment and a respect for all living things and people. He is currently the co-chair of the Steering Committee for the Deschutes Chapter of OLCV and has served on the committee for over three years. Darek spent countless hours in 2012 working with OLCV to help launch the Central Oregon Conservation Network - a coalition of pro-environment organizations in Central Oregon working to build capacity and effectiveness in lobbying, public communications, and grassroots engagement on important environmental issues.

Past Katy Daily Volunteers of the Year:

Kelly Bantle

Kelly Bantle won this award in 2012 for her enthusiasm and tireless service to OLCV. Kelly serves on OLCV's Clackamas County steering committee and frequently volunteers for other development and communications projects with the organization. When she's not helping to organize an OLCV event, Kelly is out in the community making sure people know about us!



Evann Remington won in 2011 for her work on the Marion County steering committee. As a small business owner, she knows how important new partners and relationships can be, Evann is always on the look out to help OLCV find its next new friend. Some have called Evann the spark that keeps the OLCV Marion County chapter motivated and inspired for the next thing.

Rachel Bloom (pictured left) won Volunteer of the Year in 2010 for her hard work and incredible efforts to help OLCV during the fight to pass Measures 66 and 67. A supporter of OLCV since 2000, Rachel is committed to protecting all of the things we love about Oregon for generations to enjoy.

OLCV's Volunteers of the Year, 2005-2009:

Rolla Cleaver, left, and Walt Mintkeski, right (with a pregnant Katy Daily between them) (2009)




Debra Higbee (2008)

Walt Gorman (2007)


Sam Blackman (2006)

Tom Wolf (2005) 



OLCV's Volunteers of the Year, 1999-2004:

Penelope Kaczmarek (2004)

Nancy Ames Cole (2003)

Charlie Burr (2002)

Evan Manvel (2001)

Neva Hassanein (2000)

John Moriarty (1999)

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