2009 Scorecard: Know the Score.

September 22, 2009

Do your legislators care about Oregon's environmental legacy?

The Scores are in. Find out.

OLCV has released the 2009 Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature.

Download the pdf here or better yet, check out the scores online!

The Scorecard is the best tool to use to find out if your legislators are representing you on key environmental bills. (And we'll help you figure out who your legislators are, too.)

Did your legislators vote to protect Oregon’s rivers and streams? Promote clean energy and create jobs? Fight the costly damage caused by invasive species? Phase out toxic chemicals that threaten our health?

This year's Scorecard

  • Scores votes on 21 key environmental bills from the 2009 session
  • Includes a bill graveyard detailing important bills that died--and who killed them
  • Shows who scored higher than 90%, who scored less that 25%, and whose scores decreased since the last session

And that's not all. This year you get to vote for your environmental champion in our first-ever People's Choice Awards.

We also make it easy for you find out who your legislators are and to tell them what you think of your scores. Your voice matters.

So, find out how your legislators voted in 2009.

Then let them know what you think of their scores.

And finally, vote in the People's Choice Awards. Who do you think had the most positive impact on the environment this session.

Go to www.olcv.org/scorecard to get started.

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