Clackamas County Commission: Continuing In The Right Direction

Andy Maggi
April 20, 2010

OLCV has endorsed three candidates for seats on the Clackamas County Commission who will make the environment a priority.

Bob Austin

As a county commissioner, Bob Austin has taken a leadership role on environmental issues, especially energy and climate change. The former mayor of Estacada has even taken leadership at the national level: he chairs the Subcommittee on Energy and Renewables of the National Association of Counties Association and is also a member of the national Green Government Advosory Committee. In March, he shepherded a resolution on Climate Change/Cap and Trade/Carbon pricing that was unanimously accepted by the Board of Directors of the National Association of Counties.

Here in Oregon, Bob serves as Vice Chair of the Energy and Environment committee and is a member of the Water Policy Committee for the Oregon Association of Counties.  He serves on several committees working on issues of land use and the management of state forest lands.

Ann Lininger

Ann Lininger has a strong background and committment to protecting our environment and working to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Early in her career she was an environmental attorney for Earth Justice working on Clean Water Act violations. Just before being appointed to the county commission, Ann initiated the Meyer Memorial Trust's Green Building Incentive Fund, which provides financing to implement energy-efficient retrofits for affordable housing projects.

As a commissioner, Ann continues to work on these issues, leading efforts related to housing and water protection around the county.

Jim Bernard

Jim Bernard is finishing up a two-year term on the commission, during which he has voted consistently with the commission's environmental champions. Jim is also working to make the county operations greener.

Jim's automotive repair shop became the first in Clackamas County to become ECO-certified. As a member of the county commission he is working to take the pratices that made his business sustainable to the fleet of county vehicles and shops, and looking for other ways that county operations can minimze its impact on the environment.

Please take some time to get to know our candidates for the Clackamas County Commission: click on their names to learn more. Electing these three OLCV-endorsed candidates will help Clackamas County continue to move in the right direction.

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