Have your friends taken the Pledge?

December 7, 2009

In just five weeks, Oregonians will face a very important vote, a vote that will impact Oregon's natural legacy for generations to come. That’s because on January 26, Oregonians will be voting on Measures 66 and 67. That vote must be YES.

Last week, we asked you to Take the Pledge! to Vote YES for a Clean and Healthy Oregon. Hundreds of you answered the call. Thank you!

If you haven't taken the Pledge, please take a moment to do so now.

This week, we are asking everyone to ask three friends to take the Pledge, too.

We at OLCV want to make sure Oregonians understand what's at stake. We're working with the Oregon Conservation Network, a coalition of more than 40 groups around the state, to educate thousands of Oregon voters about why these measures are vital to protect what we love about our state.

One of those member groups is Climate Solutions, a regional nonprofit that works with a wide arrary of partners--from business leaders to farmers to the public sector--to fight climate change.

"Despite Oregon’s high unemployment rate, one bright spot has held steady: jobs in the clean energy economy. Solar workers, energy-efficiency consultants and retrofitters, farmers hosting wind farms, electric vehicle inventors.... According to a recent study, Oregon leads the nation in per-capita green jobs. Why? Because our state has chosen to invest in the green economy. But without the passage of Measures 66 and 67, Oregon faces a fiscal crisis that threatens that investment. Please act to support Measures 66 and 67."

--Lisa Adatto, Oregon Director, Climate Solutions

We need your help to spread the word.

So, if you haven't already:

Take the pledge!

Please take a moment right now to add your name to the list of Oregonians who are committing to protecting Oregon's environmental legacy.

Why take the pledge?

Then, tell three friends to take the Pledge.

Thank you for your pledge to Vote YES on Measures 66 and 67 on January 26. We all need to work together to help these important measures pass. Stay tuned for information about events and volunteer opportunities.

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