The Metolius and Skyliner Forest celebrate newfound protected status

Ben Gordon

Local forests breathe a sigh of relief

Our local environmental community has reason to celebrate over the recent passing of House Bills 3298, the Metolius Protection Act, as well as House Bill 2228 to save Skyline Forest!

The Metolius Protection Act has now passed the full Oregon Legislature  and is on its way to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. It will make the Metolius an Area of Critical Statewide Concern, a never-before-used designation that strictly limits development. Read about it in the Oregonian.

House Bill 2228 to save the Skyline Forest has also passed in the Legislature. The bill will allow Fidelity National Timber Resources Inc., which owns Skyline, to build 197 dwellings in a small portion of the forest if the company agrees to sell about 45,000 acres, including most of Skyline, to a land trust. For information, read this article from the Deschutes Land Trust.

OLCV would like to recognize the efforts of OLCV Deschutes County steering committee member and Executive Director of Central Oregon Landwatch, Erik Kancler for all of his hard work on behalf of both bills.

"This is a proud moment for us personally, and for all of Central Oregon. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!"
-Erik Kancler

Get Involved Today!

Victories like these remind us that when unified, there is no limit to what we can achieve. OLCV needs your help to ensure that our environment remains of utmost priority.

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