OLCV Praises Cannon Effort to Force Vote on BPA Ban

May 27, 2011

With Senate Bill 695, the BPA-Free Baby Bill, stuck in committee in the Oregon House, today state Representative Ben Cannon (D-Portland) filed a discharge petition in an attempt to force the bill to the House Floor for a full vote.

OLCV Executive Director Jon Isaacs praised the move by Cannon and urged all state Representatives to sign the petition right away.

“There shouldn’t be anything political about protecting our kids from toxic BPA,” said Isaacs. “The facts are clear: BPA is a toxic chemical that has been linked to severe health and developmental problems in children. I’m pleased that Representative Cannon is taking the lead on moving this important issue along and I hope every member of the Oregon House joins him. We can’t let politics get in the way of doing what’s right for Oregon’s children.” 

A discharge petition can be used in situations when politicians try to kill a popular, important bill like the BPA ban without allowing it to come up for a vote. The petition needs to be signed by 31 Representatives, a majority of the Oregon House, within five days of its issuance. If successful, the petition would force the bill to the House Floor for a vote. 

Recent public polling shows that 75 percent of Oregonians support banning the toxic chemical BPA in children’s products. Toxic BPA has already been banned or severely limited in children’s food containers in Washington and eight other States, Canada, the European Union, China, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.

“It’s time for our Representatives to show that they have the courage to stand up for the health and safety of our children,” continued Isaacs. “This discharge petition will show us which Representatives will side with their constituents, and which ones will do the bidding of big chemical and plastics companies.” 


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