Representative Mike Schaufler named to national League of Conservation Voters’ state “Dirty Dozen” list

Andy Maggi
May 11, 2012

For immediate release: May 11, 2012
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Schaufler’s anti-environment voting record and hostility toward protecting our natural legacy earned him a spot on the list over hundreds of other candidates.

Washington, D.C.—Today Oregon State Representative Mike Schaufler was named to the national League of Conservation Voters’ State “Dirty Dozen” list, which lists 12 of the most anti-environment state level candidates in the country.

Schaufler represents House District 48, which covers portions of SE Portland, Milwaukie and Happy Valley. His dismal record and outright hostility to protecting Oregon’s air, water, forests, and natural legacy earned him a spot on the list over hundreds of candidates nationwide.

Since joining the Oregon Legislature in 2002, Rep. Schaufler has a lifetime rating of 57% on the OLCV Environmental Scorecard. Schaufler has been consistently hostile to protecting Oregon’s environment during his service, and has voted against protecting our families from toxic chemicals, reducing air pollution, protecting the Department of Environmental Quality’s ability to protect our water, and keeping Oregon’s coast safe from oil spills. Schaufler has also been a vocal and hardened advocate for clear cutting our state forests and endangering salmon by draining water out of the Columbia River. Mike Schaufler’s voting record and his adversarial outlook on protecting Oregon’s environment stands out nationally as one of the worst of the worst.

You can view Mike Schaufler’s full anti-environment record here:

“House District 48 is a clear choice for the State Dirty Dozen list,” said OLCV Executive Director Doug Moore. “Voters in this district care deeply about their quality of life. They are concerned about the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the natural legacy of our state. Through his support for clearcutting forests, protecting corporate polluters, and his opposition to common sense conservation policies, Mike Schaufler has demonstrated time and again that he just doesn’t share his constituents’ values.”

LCV solicited input from its more than 30 state partners from among hundreds of candidates running for governor, state senate and state house. The candidates selected for this state-level Dirty Dozen represent some of the most anti-environment politicians running in competitive races this year.

“From Congress to the state house, there has never been a more urgent time to defeat politicians who stand with corporate polluters and oppose vital environmental safeguards,” said LCV President Gene Karpinski. “With the current U.S. House of Representatives the most anti-environment in our nation’s history, it is especially critical that we elect strong environmental leaders at the state and local level to continue to make progress towards a clean energy future.”

LCV's national Dirty Dozen program targets candidates for Congress — regardless of party affiliation — who consistently vote against clean energy and conservation and are running in races in which LCV has a serious chance to affect the outcome.

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters passes laws that protect our natural legacy, elects pro-environment candidates, and holds all of our elected officials accountable.


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