Tigard Natural Area and Park Bond: OLCV Endorsed

October 15, 2009

OLCV is happy to be endorsing Tigard's bond that will preserve natural areas, develop parks, and trails. When passed, this measure will direct the City to preserve natural areas; create, improve and develop parks, preserve clean water by acquiring lands near rivers, creeks and streams; and protect wildlife habitat throughout Tigard, while managing the impacts of urban growth. If that doesn't sound convincing click here for a slide show of 7 reasons you should support this measure.

OLCV is not alone is supporting this bond; we are happy to be part of a coalition made up of teachers, business leaders, elected officials and conservation groups from the area. To see everyone and why they are supporting check out the Washington County Voter Pamphlet Statement on-line.

The bond will appear on this Novembers ballot as 34-166 and we encourage your yes vote if you live in Tigard!

Below are links to some resources for more information on the bond:

Write-up From the Oregonian

7 Reasons to support slide show (Eric Lindstrom)

Washington County Voter's Pamphlet Statement

Bond Campaign,s Website


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