YOU make the difference.

December 28, 2009

When Nancy Shinn got an email from OLCV about Ballot Measures 66 and 67, she got busy.

The Coquille resident immediately started reading up on the measures and became determined to let her neighbors know that Oregon needs a YES vote.

Since then, Nancy got a letter to the editor published in her local paper, The Coquille Valley Sentinel, about the measures and has submitted a second. "We’re in a bad economic time," says Nancy. "I don’t want it to get worse."

What’s got her so fired up? She's concerned about the schools, the libraries, the unemployed. "We live in a community," she says. "We have to take care of each other."

Nancy is not alone in that sentiment, and joins countless other Oregonians who are concerned about what will happen to our state--and our environment--if these measures don't pass. OLCV is working to pass these measures to ensure that the programs that protect our air, monitor our water and spur the local clean energy economy are preserved.

Since the first ballot measure email we sent out about a month ago, nearly 400 of you have signed the Pledge to vote YES for a Clean and Healthy Oregon, and more than 80 of you have volunteered for OLCV, collectively calling thousands of your fellow Oregonians about these important ballot measures. These numbers are growing every day.

Find out why a vote for Measures 66 and 67 is a vote for the environment.

We still have a lot of work to do. And the time is now. Really. Voters start receiving their ballots January 8. We need your help to pass these measures.

You make the difference. Here’s how you can get involved with as little as five minutes of your time:

It’s up to all of us to make sure these measures pass. The corporate opposition, including oil companies, is spending millions to make sure that corporations can continue to pay only $10 a year in taxes, at the expense of funding for environmental programs and social services that now and future Oregonians depend on.

Find out more.

Make the difference! Vote YES for a Clean and Healthy Oregon.

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