OLCV announces endorsements in the race for Oregon Governor

April 6, 2010

For immediate release: April 6, 2010

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The Oregon League of Conservation Voters announces endorsements in the race for Oregon Governor

Portland, OR—The Oregon League of Conservation Voters today announced its endorsement of both Bill Bradbury and John Kitzhaber in the 2010 race for Oregon Governor. The announcement comes after last week’s gubernatorial environmental debate, co-hosted by OLCV and four other groups. The debate, along with a questionnaire and interview, was used as criteria in the endorsement decision.

“A dual endorsement is fairly rare, but this is an exceptional case,” said OLCV PAC Board Chair Charlie Burr. “Having two gubernatorial candidates with such especially strong environmental credentials represents a milestone in Oregon’s environmental movement.”

The debate, which was moderated by The Oregonian’s David Sarasohn, included Bradbury and Kitzhaber, along with Republican candidate Allen Alley. The other Republican frontrunner, Chris Dudley, declined to attend. Nearly 700 people attended the debate, and hundreds more watched it live online.

The three candidates certainly differentiated themselves during the debate, answering a range of questions on climate change and energy, toxics and public health, salmon and forests, and transportation and land use. But what became clear is that Bradbury and Kitzhaber both have strong vision for Oregon’s environmental future, including clean energy and green jobs, with the resumes to back them up.

As a state legislator in the early 1980s, former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury developed the Salmon Trout Enhancement Plan, and championed the first moratorium on offshore drilling in Oregon’s coastal waters. More recently, Bradbury has focused on climate change. He was one of one of the first 50 participants in Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Change training sessions and has given more than 200 “Climate Change in Oregon” presentations.

“Bill Bradbury knows how to turn his passion into action,” said OLCV Executive Director Jon Isaacs. “From the work for salmon he started nearly 30 years ago to his recent mission to help Oregon fight climate change, Bradbury’s actions speak loudly of his commitment, his vision and his leadership.”

For Kitzhaber’s part, his Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds led to the creation of more than 90 watershed councils around the state and secured significant investment in water restoration. As governor, his Eastside Forest Health Agreement has helped to ensure healthy forests in Eastern Oregon. Kitzhaber has also worked to protect Oregon’s special places, playing a lead role in establishing the Opal Creek Wilderness Area and protecting the Steens Mountains.

“As Governor, John Kitzhaber led the way on key environmental policies that still protect Oregon today,” said Isaacs. “He looks at environmental issues in the larger social and economic context, and knows how to bring broad interests to the table to make big decisions.”

OLCV has issued nearly 70 endorsements for the 2010 election so far. Find the list, still being updated, at www.olcv.org/endorsements2010. OLCV last issued a dual endorsement in 2008 for Denny Doyle and Rob Drake in the race for Beaverton Mayor.

2010 candidates for seats ranging from city council to Oregon Governor have applied for the OLCV seal of approval. Once a candidate is endorsed, OLCV’s Political Action Committee may decide to dedicate resources to that campaign. The campaign support and grassroots efforts that can accompany an OLCV endorsement often make the necessary difference in contested races. In last year’s primary, for example, OLCV-endorsed Jeremy Ferguson won the race for Milwaukie Mayor by just 25 votes.

About the OLCV endorsement process: Any candidate seeking an OLCV endorsement must first fill out a comprehensive questionnaire covering a variety of relevant environmental issues. Following review of the questionnaire, OLCV volunteer committees conduct face-to-face interviews with each candidate and consider each candidate’s environmental record and their level of commitment to protecting Oregon’s environmental legacy, as well as their leadership skills. All endorsement recommendations from the endorsement committees are then reviewed and finalized by the OLCV PAC Board of Directors. OLCV endorsements run through the general election.

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters works to pass pro-environment laws, elect pro-environment candidates, and hold all of our elected officials accountable. www.olcv.org


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